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 Political views?

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PostSubject: Political views?   Political views? EmptyMon Sep 13, 2010 3:31 am

Hey guys,
I was wondering what your political views are, are you liberal? Social democrat?
Where do you stand, and why?
Please refrain from flaming, or argueing with a persons views, if it happens I'll have a FM close this thread straight away.

I believe that a Liberal goverment is the best for a country, as of right now, Sweden is run by a social democratic goverment (elections are going on at the moment) a social democratic goverment isn't that good in the long run, because there's a lot of support for immigrants, retired people, poor people.
The current swedish goverment takes extremely high taxes on the wealthy, and supports the not so fortunate.
The problem with that kind of goverment is people dont see the point in working hard, because they'll be working hard to support others who cant be bothered, or cant speak Swedish, or had a drug/ alcohol problem.
So instead people don't work, and rely on the goverment to support them.
Another reason I believe in a liberal goverment is because I think people should be able to support themselves, without constant aid from someone/ something else.
I could go into a lot more detail, but it would cover 3 pages...

So tell me, what do you think?

Political views? Fe2bu0
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CLAN - The Overload
CLAN - The Overload

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PostSubject: Re: Political views?   Political views? EmptyMon Sep 13, 2010 3:28 pm

I am not going to say im anything, considering the fact i am only 15 and i don't know what an adult knows about polotics, however, i am pretty avanced in polotic education, and know alot of it for my age, i am independent, mostly democratic, only because of health care, and republuicans are complete idiots and moronic people. I'm not saying all of them, but most of them have stupid ass ideas. This one guy doesn't support tax cuts for the middle class, considering most people in the USA are middle classed due to the economy. Thats a fucked up man. He also gets money for his campaign from the tabacoo company so if he wins election to senate, he will make laws that help them, causeing more diseases, and death, and more addiction (that bastard.) Lmao one of the new casters said you and some other person i dont remeber their name, he said you and him smoke, why dont you 2 stop smoking together? he said, i aperciate your suggestion. (in other words he is saying, shut the fuck up.) lololol, but if he quit smoking, the tabacoo company wouldn't pay him, that is cold hearted and doesnt care about human life, or teenage life. Considering teenageers are targeted by the tabacoo companies. So in general,i am independent leaning to democratic eyes. Also republicans think democrats are idiots too. and vice versa. but the republicans are actually morons.
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Political views?
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