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 Crafting Guide.

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PostSubject: Crafting Guide.   Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:09 am

First off, this is a great money making way if you have 53+ crafting as you can craft dragonhide bodies.
So let's start!

Lets say that you want to get to 53 fast to start crafting those Green D'hide bodies. All you have to do is trade Herquin in any of homes and buy flax, they are 1k gp each. Yes, they make no profit for crafting, but they are great if you want to train fletching.

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So, you have bought some Flax, time to spin it. For this you have to go to Edgeville bank. There is a Spinning Wheel right next to Prayer altar. With flax in your inventory, simply click the Spinning wheel and watch your flax getting spinned.

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Here are amounts of flax needed to spin for required D'hide body levels(all of them are from level 1):

Green hide body- 69 flax
Blue hide body- 152 flax
Red hide body- 274 flax
Black hide body- 994 flax

When you have your needed level, you need some dragonhides. There are Green and Blue hides in the Crafting shop (Dommik), he's located at Varrock home and at Skilling shop. So you bought the hides, now you just need them tanned and have some needle and thread in your inventory. To tan the hides, talk to Dommik and select the hide needed and amount of it to tan.

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As you see, there is only 100 of both hides in the shop, you will need more. To get them you can buy them off other players or kill dragons for them. To get to dragons you have to open your spellbook and select 'Pking' and choose Dragons in the menu.

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All of the dragons drop their hides in noted form, so you dont have to bank so often. Just watch out from Player killers as it is still wilderness.

Levels needed for all of the dragonhide armour:

Green d'hide:

Vambs-level 47
Chaps-level 50
Body-level 53

Blue d'hide:

Vambs-level 56
Chaps-level 58
Body-level 61

Red d'hide:

Vambs-level 63
Chaps-level 65
Body-level 67

Black d'hide:

Vambs-level 69
Chaps-level 74
Body-level 80

Also, there is another way to train crafting, it's just slower than crafting hides. The other way is cutting gems. You can buy the gems off Dommik, steal them from Gem stall or buy them from players.

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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Level Requirements:

Sapphire-level 1
Emerald-level 20
Ruby-level 30
Diamond-level 40
Dragonstone-level 50
Onyx-level 90

Thats about it to cover Crafting. If you think there is something that should be added, feel free to post. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Crafting Guide.   Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:49 pm

i would use flax to 99,
i'm 93 all i've been doing is flax
i would say thats the easyer way
plus if you're fletching, give you big $
Very Happy

-mike king
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Crafting Guide.
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